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Captain Mal Signing Off 14 Apr 2017, 10:27 pm

It's been a pleasure, folks. See you in the 'verse.

So long and thanks for all the fish... 14 Apr 2017, 10:23 pm

I shall see you on the other side. Also I noticed spectrum looks like the interface used on the mobile phones to contact S.H.I.E.L.D in Captain America Winter Soldier

Last-ish? 14 Apr 2017, 10:16 pm

We shall see. You've been very good to us, RSI forums, but now it is time to rest.

To Spectrum, and Beyond!

Goodbye forums 14 Apr 2017, 10:11 pm

Just wanted to put my closing words on these forums. We shared many a great time old RSI community forums. Many a heated debate, or a rant :). Many trolls presented themselves, but were quickly extinguished in grand fashion. We now move on to bigger and better ventures with spectrum. Goodbye dear forums that Birthed the Best Damn Community Ever!


CIG takes a gamle when shuting down the forums. 14 Apr 2017, 10:08 pm

The original kickstarter forums and RSI site was the foundation that formed and created the Star Citizen community.
Without it todays pledge numbers would never been a reality.

Todays RSI forums are still the main nervous system in the global Star Citizen community. Not to mention its function as a portal for new citizens arriving daily.

CIG is taking a gamle shuting the RSI forums down and directing it to a non functioning platform. I am not against Spectrum, this is however my only logical conclusion.
How it will effect future pledges and communiy prosperity only time will tell.

Last opening post on RSI communiy forums

Forums Around For A Few More Months? 14 Apr 2017, 10:02 pm

I mean when has CIG ever been remotely close to hitting one of their self-imposed deadlines? Like never right? So this should be the same right? The forums will close Soon™

Last one before the archive! 14 Apr 2017, 9:26 pm

Just wanted to be in RSI history ;D

Killed on Friday. Resurrects on Sunday? 14 Apr 2017, 9:15 pm

The old forum.

still no closed? 14 Apr 2017, 4:04 pm

will this be the last thread here?

Alien race alrdy ingame 14 Apr 2017, 1:19 pm

This screenshot was taken directly after i flew outside of windscreen of AnnaBOO freelancer.........
(its not photoshoped, its directly from game)

Space turned me into..... Alien.


Terra Mills... The begining of Big Benny. I Think not. 14 Apr 2017, 4:26 am

So I begin this tale a thousand years before today. A Prophet spoke out to the world about an amassing creature that formed our world and all others. He made our world fertile and plentiful in resources. And he made us....

He walked away from this work and let it flourish.

After years of letting the world decide its own fate the lord only manipulated the actions of a few. Bestowing knowledge and wisdom on some to advance us all.

Always working in the shadows not altering the outcome but guiding it. The end game was always clear. The betterment of mankind.

The world new him as the Flying spaghetti monster in times past but now we know him as the Big Benny. He still holds the same sway on the universe, but is easily wrapped up in a take out container.

He sites atop of a mountain along side the other gods and we are privileged to bask in there glory.

@Dread_Pirate_Pete @AnnabelleBooHuxley @angelarch

The last hours of this Forum 14 Apr 2017, 1:17 am

The last hours of this forum are nigh, it will be missed, but Spectrum is the future. See you all on the other side.

Edit: only horses go neigh

Goodnight sweet prince, you were a wonderful friend 14 Apr 2017, 12:31 am

Thanks for the good times, old forums. Goodbye.

Soooo, the next ATV anyone wanna take a stab at what might be in it :p 12 Apr 2017, 12:19 am

Im betting the forum and Spectrum will be mentioned.

The Real Reason "Spectrum" Forum is being implemented 11 Apr 2017, 11:21 pm

Chris Roberts has stated he wants to incorporate mobile apps to Star Citizen. This includes Forum Browsing, browsing all of your ships in a 3D environment, Hangar hangouts real time, etc. The new implementation of Spectrum forums is no different.

There's little to no debating that "Spectrum" forums makes for a poor UI (opinionated) interface and a simplistic way to view forum content (a newbie looking in, others thinks it's absolutely horrendous to find anything). It's an interface with a mobile design platform look. The platform ties in with Chris Robert's dream of SC on the mobile.

Sure this is all speculation but it makes sense on a design standpoint. The new forums will be lenient enough to incorporate any mobile peripheral capable to run the yet-to-be-made "Star Citizen App". Ships and in-game content will be directly tied to your account, across the PC and any other devices able to view such web content and run the app.

Again, it's just my speculation as to why "Spectrum" is being implemented. I personally favor the current web site design and discredit "Spectrum"


Keep forums going until Alpha is done - VOTE!!! 9 Apr 2017, 12:54 pm

As many of you, I too am not thrilled about being forced into using Spectrum as it stands.
It is not only question of an incomplete substitute, it is also a question of the current Spectrum design not allowing the community to critically respond back at CIG decisions and directions with peak efficiency. It is a system that basically degrades our ability to argue against them or to raise enough awareness around a critical topic.

As such, it is important that you, the community, the backers, who are all individuals, have the highest access to stating your mind on all matters of this company and the project they are involved in, take the stance against Spectrum until the project is near completion.

Why until Alpha is done? While their obligation to delivering the two products that we have paid for does not complete at the end of Alpha, it does signal near complete state and at that point it is unlikely that something would go wrong. End of Alpha therefor marks the end of which we are required to be at our highest critical regard.

Please vote with sincerity and understand that this is for the community.
If anyone has direct communication with CIG employees and community managers, raise their awareness so that we can avoid the potentially bad decision that comes into effect on the 14th.

Squadron 42, what is going to happen? 8 Apr 2017, 4:58 pm

Hello fellow citizens,

I was wondering what happened with the "almost polished" squadron 42 footage that they where going to show us.
Now we are fairly long under way again since that happened on one of their events.
Wouldn't it be a great time to show something about Squadron 42 missions, etc?
I pledged a lot for squadron 42 and Star Citizen PU for me is a big bonus.
But i am starting to get worried the "Almost polished" squadron 42 missions are further away then they would let us now.

Please Chris, Erin, show us some SQ 42, it is really important to me and probably a lot other early and veteran backers.



petition to keep these forms til spectrum at least is just as good as these forms 8 Apr 2017, 9:24 am

petition to keep these forms til spectrum at least is just as good as these forms

so her it is many of us dont have a problem whit spectrum replacing the forms in the long run
but at the moment spectrum is a cluster fuck whit
no sub forms
no ablatie to make pols
so how about u cig keep these forms open til spectrum is as good as these forms sins els you wil likly loos a big part of the actief community

if you agree whit me then pls also support this petition also feel free to give feedback on way you dont wane switch to spectrum at this moment

post on spectrum

whit freindly gereeds E.T

My goodbye to the Star Citizen forum. 8 Apr 2017, 7:34 am

I will miss you darkness my old friend.

Forums get closed in 7 days ? 7 Apr 2017, 9:59 pm

"On April 14, all our old forums will be archived. You will no longer be able to create new threads or reply to old ones. Please prepare to make the jump to Spectrum."

i mean.... spectrum is ONE BIG UGLY mess.

U must be kidding me with closing this forum system...... rly.

TBenz/Sleepywalker screen (c)


I can add only THIS:


Complex (Deep) Orbital Mechanics Confirmed? 7 Apr 2017, 5:55 pm

This thread continues on Spectrum

Complex (Deep) Orbital Mechanics Confirmed? - A Continuation

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So I recently watched one of BoredGamer's videos, where he was discussing Orbital Mechanics and seemed to confirm complex orbital mechanics. Upon reviewing his source, which is Erin Roberts it seems to be true. Links and a transcript of Erin's comments are below.

BoredGamer's video: Star Citizen | 3.0 Schedule Soon, Planets & 2.6.3 Patch Time Index: 3:26

Jared: Realistic Orbital Physics [Mechanics], Yes or No?

Erin: Absolutely, yes! Ya, it's actually frighteningly... One of the things Chris wants to do, he wants Realism, so we have everything from... You have your star and the planets circling the stars, just like we do here in the Sol system. And basically depending on where you are, if you want to travel to a different planet, it will depend on what time of year it is from when you go and what route you take. And also, in terms of the planet we have atmospheric dynamics and space stations that stay with the rotation of the planet (geostationary) or independent of their movement.

Jared: It occurs to me that you could jump into a system on Monday or at one point and the planet you're going to is closer to that jump point, and then at some point later on you jump in and it would be on the other side...

Erin: Something else to think about if you want to do trading. If you want to get to a certain planet, and you will want to look at the reward for it. How far are you going, how risky is it? At one point it could be a clean shot to that planet, next time it might take you through an asteroid field or a pirate base. So it's important to plot your route.

Baron: How far does that go? Does that actually affect things in orbit around planets? Me as a player, would I be in orbit, or would I be stationary about the planet?

Erin: It depends where you are. If you're in the atmosphere, you're with the planet. When you're outside the atmosphere, you're not, you would just watch the planet spin. All of that is what we're implementing for the game, as we want to have all that realism, and add to that sandbox gameplay element of a lot of different things.

Source Time Index: 02:03:17

I'm quite sure that CIG doesn't intend for anyone to do complex math, and that the autopilot would take care of navigation.


How I validate spending over $1,000 on a game. 31 Mar 2017, 5:33 pm


Nuff said..
Well kinda.. Please don't overextend yourself, if you shouldn't be spending like that.
I'm proud to back this game.. Dam thing brings a tear to my eye.
I'll be an ahole frequently (sorry) but the love I have for this game, has no equal.. And it's not even out yet....
Rock on CIG.

Multiple game accounts at same time. 28 Mar 2017, 2:37 am

Anyone plan on playing with two or more accounts at the same time?

For instance have one computer logged in as a landed Carrack pilot scanning for hostiles while the other is out exploring in a Pisces or rover?

[Spectrum] Why is everybody still using the old forums? 2 Mar 2017, 8:44 am

I was just wondering, because I've been using Spectrum every single day since release. I think it's pretty neat. Still much to do, but it works like a charm for me.

Just wanted to start this thread to encurage everyone to go and give Spectrum a try!

ATTN VR lovers - Star Citizen 360° High Resolution captures - New Starfarer in Revel & York! 13 Jan 2017, 1:09 am

Here there be 360° spherical captures of Star Citizen. All are available as VR headset backgrounds via the SteamVR Workshop and raw images for use in any 360° photo viewer. Desktop monitor viewing is also possible with a utility such as the freebie FSPViewer (

I'm using a combination of Photoshop and a product called PTGui that specializes in panoramic photo stitches. There's not much I can share in terms of process... it's pretty simple, take a whole bunch of screenshots, import to PTGui, and spend a whole lotta time tweaking to get things perfect before a final polish pass in Photoshop. Capture to completion I spent around 6-7 hours on each image.

Preview images are embedded below, but a variety of resolutions are also available on Flickr... including the full-rez 9MB+ versions.

Now with 3D!!! I've just begun doing spheres with true 3D elements and they are pretty darn cool, but you'll need a VR viewer that supports spherical top-bottom 3D images. I'm using Whirligig or Virtual Desktop on the Vive.

NOTE: These are best viewed at the highest resolution I've made available on Flickr, but I've heard reports of some folks getting a blank or corrupted view with the big guys. Try a lower resolution if you're having problems.

360° Photo Spheres

Million Mile High Cub
Preview: 31920060700_2ca6eb788f_k.jpg

G-Loc Bar
Preview: 31486098683_c113eb863f_k.jpg

Constellation Parked at Grim Hex
Preview: 31997026020_3a1ec7a207_k.jpg

Big Bennyhenge
Preview: 32396073685_bedb5397a0_k.jpg

Freelancer at Cry-Astro
Preview: 32294625381_d477514335_k.jpg

Scythe Attack on Olisar
Preview: 32318494142_3f46df4635_k.jpg

Connie Ambush Off Kareah
Preview: 32355015002_42d385a8dd_k.jpg

A Boom with a View - View from the upper boom deck of the MISC Starfarer
Preview: 31714419573_9930f69ba3_k.jpg

Cat Greets an Argo Bearing Gifts
Preview: 32472251871_9c4672d296_k.jpg

Reliant Investigates Beacons off Yela
Preview: 32671408191_dc837c088a_k.jpg

Starfarer Parked in Revel & York
Preview: 32877411066_bb809fda68_k.jpg


True 3D Spheres

The images below are true 3D 360° photo spheres. Any viewer that supports top/bottom 3D photo spheres should do the trick.

TaB 3D! Scythe Attack on Olisar
Preview: 31671734903_927b3eef06_k.jpg

TaB 3D! Connie Ambush Off Kareah
Preview: 32385032101_273ec704dc_k.jpg

TaB 3D! Cat Greets an Argo Bearing Gifts
Preview: 32442278842_3f183eeae9_k.jpg

TaB 3D! Reliant Investigates Beacons off Yela
Preview: 32414194040_8497d0d9be_k.jpg

As always... If my work inspires you to purchase Star Citizen, please consider using my referral code [ STAR-RJJ2-KP3Y ] when you sign up. It will get you 5,000 UEC (in-game money) and might net a reward for me.

Outlaw port call!!! [Now With Discord Server] 22 Mar 2015, 8:09 pm


So I decided to make this a thing. A little thread in a sea of threads where we outlaw players, pirates, smugglers, slavers and so on, can get together and talk about what we would like to see in the game without going to the threads of other professions like a miner thread and start posting how we would rob miners and get caught up in some long, silly argument with other forumers which leads to us getting put on probation for being the outsider cheerio in the fruity pebbles bowl.

Now we have a thread here for us, our own home turf, where the lawful players who come to stir things up are now the ones breaking the forum rules! Sound good? Awesome.

But let's lay down some ground 'rules' for this port call so this doesn't just get flagged as some troll bait thread yea?

1: Let's not tag individuals outside the thread with the @ symbol. If they come in here first, then by all means, have at it.
2: Keep it as clean as you possibly can. We don't need this thread turning into a holocaust reenactment.
3: Even if someone does come in here to start a fight, just do to them what they would do to us if this was their thread. Flag them. It's the mod's duty to keep the forums clean, so best let them handle it yea? ;D

I'll start off with the one thing I look forward to the most!

This right here, to me, is the most iconic, and in a sense, glorious acts of piracy. Up close and personal with lives and loot on the line! CIG has said this will be difficult, but that just enhances the glory of this accomplishment! I have no doubts in my mind that pirate and slaver players will be the most proficient boarding specialists in the game. We will have the tools and our experience and training in the art of boarding will far surpass and landlubber out there who thinks to call themselves a boarding marine!

CIG has also made stealth boarding a possibility. At the town hall meeting, it was stated that boarding a ship and ejecting its cargo without the crew of the ship realizing it would be a possibility for the more skilled among us. The introduction of the Prowler also throws a lot of CIG's earliest statements about boarding (like both ships needing to be powered down and disabled) out the window! Sure, it's still true that neither ship will be able to use their thrusters while a docking collar is being used, but for EVA boarding like what the Prowler is made for, no collar required and thus no bringing the target ship to a halt required!

One thing I hope they add to the game is a better grappling hook for boarding purposes. The current laser one is too slow and WAY too flashy to be used by the likes of us. We'd not only blow our presence when sneaking about but we'd be sitting ducks to boot. I'd much rather have a cable based one, even if it did come a bit heavier, it would still be a hell of a lot more useful for this than the laser one.

VoiceAttack: Anna v6.04- **Control everything with your voice** 22 Jun 2014, 4:14 pm

VoiceAttack: Anna v6.04 - Control EVERYTHING with your voice

Anna is a fully state aware VoiceAttack profile that can control your power, radar, shields, throttle, counter measures, perspective zoom, camera, targetting, pinning of targets, throttle percentage, weapon groupings and IFCS with simple voice commands, she'll also put you down, belittle you and in a lot of cases even respond to likely comments from the player. She has a personality that can be nice, very official or even a little bit...ermm...spiky? You have been warned :D

Anna's personality is set to 'off' by default, this keeps her much quieter and a lot less cheeky. To turn on her personality just say, 'turn on personality'. The wiki is set to on by default. When her personality is on she has 6 moods that she will move between depending on how you talk to her and how endangered she feels when flying.

Here's a video showing a lot of her features.


You'll NEED, The latest VoiceAttack Beta Version, (version or higher), for Anna to work.

You will also need to run VoiceAttack as an administrator.

Here's a VoiceAttack tutorial video by Byronyk that shows how to set up and use VoiceAttack as well as instructions on how to install Anna, cheers again Byronyk :D


Set the profile to run the 'Start up command' on loading. Find this option by clicking the tickbox next to the name of the profile in the 'Edit a Profile' screen.


Load a ship by saying, 'Load up the - super hornet, aurora, m50...etc.

Use the, 'Reset - Reboot - Respawn - Command to reset all of her states. You should use this to respawn and not just press 'x' in Arena Commander, as well as after each death in the mini PU.

ANNA help and 'how to' post

ANNA v6.04 download link

donate to project anna with paypal here

You can start a question with the prefix - tell me about / talk to me about / teach me about / what is / talk about...and then add a subject. You can ask Anna to 'tell me about yourself' to access her audio manual where she can fill you in on how to use her.

In-game Actions

@WyrmDrake wrote an awesome command list to go with the other load of great work he put into Anna's logic. @Designer_Sam updated it too. Find it here with my awful manual and new command list:

A.N.N.A Manual A.N.N.A Command list by Wyrmdrake and Designer_Sam

How to printout the commands for your currently loaded profile.

1) Export your profile.
2) Before choosing where to save, change the Save As File Type to HTML List. Tick/untick to customize if wanted.
3) Done. An entire list of that profile's commands. New version? Make new list.


1) Train windows voice recognition at least three times
2) Download the latest VoiceAttack beta
3) Run VA as administrator
4) Ensure set to 'Active window'
5) Set the 'Start up command' to initialise automatically, see above
6) Load up a custom ship profile BEFORE flying, with the, 'load up the (name of ship)
7) Use 'respawn' or 'reset' to respawn
8) Have default keyboard bindings
9) Restart VoiceAttack
10) Delete USER folder
11) Restart PC
12) Re-download both VA and Anna
13) It's game over man, GAME over man, GAME OVER MAN!!!!

This will remain a work in progress so feel free to suggest additions or improvements. Feedback is what makes her better, if you find any bugs or think of anything cool I could add, let me know. Also let me know if you don't like and why please, all feedback is good feedback. I hope a few find it useful, fun or maybe even a little bit of both.

The voice I'm using is Amy from Or maybe try here or even here instead.

Invading Vanduul Space at the end of the Beta: Operation Pitchfork 5 Oct 2013, 11:14 pm

Note with thses forums closing stop in and say goodbye to our long running thread


This is a wall of Text:


Let's organize the entire player base to invade the Vanduul systems at the end of the beta. We have nothing to lose. Let's do something stupidly glorious (Yes we would all probably die), and heck CIG just might let us keep them.. :-)

We have our own website thanks to Xeriar and Facebook page thanks to Benjamin the Rogue



First reality check given the number of NPC's in the game, our chances of pulling it off are almost 0, so we would all die doing it.

OK that out the way, some detail

A while back there was a thread, about this same topic but instead of the Vanduul it was the UEE. There is a problem with this, most of the law and order Orgs would side with the UEE and so you would never get a consensus of players. Where as the Vanduul are enemies to all humans. So both lawful and pirate aligned clans could get behind the idea of attacking the Vanduul, much easier to build a consensus against a common enemy

The last word I have heard is CIG is not planning a wipe after the beta so lets do something that is epic that can change the lore of the game

The Vanduul in my opinion are one of CIG's tools for keeping control of the game and to keep any organized player group from negatively impacting the game. If a player group becomes too obnoxious "hello Mr Vanduul Fleet". The Vanduul as far as we know, are outside the dynamic economy so can be whistled up at need. This leads to some fun implications

CR has said he wants the player base to help write the SC story, but it also obvious that we are not intended to drive it. A huge group (i.e.most) of players invading an area that is not part of the economy and would not threaten any planed story arcs, writes the story but does not drive the PU. The interesting part is we may be able to convince CIG to let us keep them human controlled at the end of the beta.

Other reasons to do it, there are a lot of the player base that would like to own and fly a Scythe, but lore prevents that and they are un-insurable. So even if you capture one, you wouldn't fly it in harms way.....But if we write our own lore take some Vanduul worlds via the new planet side FPS mechanic and capture some factories we can change all that

Full disclosure. I am privileged to own a scythe, it bothers me some that other folks don't have the opportunity. This a way to change that and it just sounds too damn fun...


Spectrum link

We have set up a free coms Discord server for Operation Pitchfork details below

Operation Pitchfork Org is now open! Click the link and press the "Join" button if you or your Org would like to participate in this great endeavor
Org Link

Pitchfork Manual Compiled by Glacier

ArbitrarySketch created a list you can jot your info down both as individuals or as Orgs:
Asset roster

News Letter

Kartr created a PF FAQ Including Goals, SOP, and other interesting information

Myths & Erroneous Assumptions about Operation Pitchfork



Kudos to [UK] Nights Wrath and Co

Thank you to LelesPL and Benjamin_the_Rogue

The Pitchfork
Special thanks to the Manchester CS Team

Second Pitchfork MVP. Way to go Czar and the rest of the team

Org Doc by Lyt

Seems if we are going to do something stupidly glorious we should have a theme song too :-)
March of Cambreadth


Thanks for all the support for this idea and our MVP award, I am truly humbled!

I am happy to report that that we have 200+ orgs joining us officially, if you're interested please suggest to your organizations and post points of contact here.

Lone wolf and small teams I set up a venue for you to organize if your not comfortable in a guild structure

We have a Joint operations, strategy area etc. in the OP website linked above to help you self organize

And anyone not wanting to organize, we are more than happy to have you fly to the sound of gunfire. Everyone is welcome.

Hector has been kind enough to let us overflow into his post. (Thanks Hector!)

Back story thanks to Wrath_Of_Deadguy

Frustration with the UEE over failure to take decisive action against Vanduul attacks could be a big motivator- frontier colonists historically often formed their own militias and took matters into their own hands when the authorities were too slow to act, refused to act, or simply didn't have a large enough local presence to make a difference. Even though the Vanduul have no unified government, many spacers could be led to believe the attacks would subside if enough people banded together and gave one or two of their clans a sound whomping. The objective might not be so much to wipe the Vanduul out wholesale as to conduct a massive retaliation against their border clans to set an example for any others who might get it in their heads that humans are squishy, easy targets. Message delivered: if you stick your blades into our friends and neighbors, we'll stick your heads on pikes.

On Hull Insurance

Shanks thread explaining what we know of the Vanduul

SHIP SIZE COMPARISON / SHIP SCALE (3.0) 30 Jun 2013, 4:55 am


So, with the new site no longer storing images and unable to edit the original post, We move on to v3.




-- Updated Gladiator sizes based on Dev comments
-- Added Freelancer Max side silhouette and updated standard freelancer silhouette
-- Fixed Xi'An spelling
-- Fixed a grid issue
-- Added Gladius side silhouette
-- Reorganized ships via length
-- Resized Avenger based off of in engine measurements (should have done that a long time ago)
-- Updated Scythe with silhouettes and measurements done in engine
-- Updated M50 per measurements take in cryengine and added a frontal silhouette.
-- Fixed Khartu-Al's scale
-- Updated Constellation (now using Andromeda silhouette)
- Added Reclaimer silhouette
- Updated Scythe Blade
- Realigned Constellation
- Added 890 Jump
- Updated Reclaimer silhouette (Old one i had pieced together) new one is made from 3d element. I will be updated some others this way in the future.
- Updated silhouettes for the Gladius, 300i, Hornet F7C and M, Cutlass, Freelancer and the Constellation.
It does not look like much of an update, but some of these were traced or put together with pieces of several images to try and keep it as 2d looking as possible. New silhouettes are made from actual 2d views of the 3d models, so they are accurate now.
_ Added 85x
- Added Drake Herald
- Updated silhouettes for the Redeemer, M50, P52, Avenger and the Aurora
- Added the Carrack
- Updated the Banu
- Updated the Gladiator
- Added SC logo
- Added web address for the game
- Added Orion
- Added Vanguard
- Updated Retaliator
- Added Hull A, B, and C
- Increased size of layout
- Updated Starfarer
- Added Misc Reliant
- Added Vanduul Void
- Fixed human size (removed several of them.
- Complete rebuild
- Added many ships
- Higher res
- Updated the Starfarer
- Added Misc Prospector
- Updated Drake Herald
- Buccaneer added at 14.6m per the scale of the model.
- Added Drake Dragonfly
- Added Anvil Terrapin
- Added Argo
- Added Placeholder Polaris
- Updated Polaris with silhouettes from the model
- Added the Epseria Prowler
- Added Misc Razr
- Updated Drake Herald
- Updated Drake Caterpillar
- Updated Freelancer size and front silhouette (Thanks to XenthorX)


-- Updated M50, Gladius, Gladiator, Xi'an Kartu and added the Redeemer
-- Added Reclaimer. Scaled to current ship specs
-- Added 890 Jump
-- Added Carrack
-- Labeled the largest silhouette as the Panther
-- Update the Javelin silhouette
-- Updated Bengal to 1100m
-- Added Orion
-- Added Hull A, B, C, D and E
-- Added Vanguard
- Updated Starfarer
- Added Vanduul Void
- Fixed Vanguard spelling

And, Dilleck's render all the holoviewer models we have (rendered to scale):


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